Most life coaches offer plans where there are a certain number of sessions in their packages. Some offer twice a month hour coaching sessions, other once a week. Or 6 sessions for the price of 5 – and use them whenever you want…

But life coaching for narcissistic abuse is a different thing. Because of my training and experiences, I think of it as trying to manage an on-going critical incident or trauma. Because, in some ways, that’s exactly what it is.

You don’t choose when you will be triggered. You don’t choose when the waves of emotional dis-ease will begin pounding you. You don’t choose the timing of flashbacks.

I know because I went through it.

For this reason, my coaching plans involve either weekly or bi-weekly scheduled sessions, AND access via text/email or short phone calls in between sessions when you need support. All sessions are via phone or internet video.

Many people, especially those still in the abusive relationship, as well as those newly out of one, have no social circle or support system. The narcissist destroyed that as well. So, if you engage with me as your life coach, your recovery coach, you will have someone to talk with. (Keep in mind that I do have other clients, so it may not be an immediate response, but almost always within an hour or two.)

You can read about the process here.

And the two plans I offer, here.

If this sounds useful to you, please contact me to get started.