I have been a licensed mental health counsellor for nearly 30 years… I have worked with trauma victims, domestic violence, and been a clinical supervisor…

And then I went through my own narcissistic discard and parental alienation.

It was then that I learned what it really means to be abused by a narcissist. It is more devastating than any other tragedy life has brought my way. On every level: emotional, psychological, physical, social and financial.

I still have my bad days. But if you are having a bad day, wouldn’t you prefer to speak with someone who’s been through it, who really understands? I did, but there was no one in my extended professional circle who really understood.

Which is why I’m here now. Offering realistic and informed life coaching that really helps.

I’d love to get to know you and walk this journey with you… It’s a difficult one, but easy if it’s with someone who genuinely understands…