Life After Narcissistic Abuse


Narcissistic abuse, whether covert or malicious, is one of the most destructive experiences anyone can go through.

If you have or are experiencing this form of abuse, you probably can relate to some of the following statements:

  • “I feel like I’m going [or have gone]. crazy.”
  • “I can’t make even the simplest decisions.”
  • “I don’t know who I am anymore.”
  • “It’s all my fault. If was just a better person, everything would be ok.”
  • “There is no hope for me.”

These and many more states that are overly critical of yourself, and defending the narcissist, are signs you’ve been abused by a partner or other loved one that was likely sociopathic, psychopathic or a narcissist.

If you are still or recently out of this relationship, you need to talk with someone who understands and believes you. Someone who knows the dynamics of a narcissist. Someone who is empathetic and able to help you see what really happened.

I have been a licensed clinical counsellor in 3 states.

And my life coaching for those abused by narcissists is now my primary focus.

I didn’t understand what it was really like until I went through it. I would suggest that this is true of most mental health people. The want to help and be supportive, but they don’t really get it.

Please contact me if you would like to have a discussion regarding your situation.

I look forward to walking with you on your path of healing and recovery.